6 Powerful Brainstorming Tools for Essay Writers

May 10, 2022

The mind loves brainstorming, and you definitely love the writingthat comes out of it. There are topics that run out of branches before you runout of space. While there are those where you run out of space with branchesforever expanding outwards. 


The latter of the two is brainstorming heaven.


When the subject of an essay is broad, yet deep and rich inmeaning, the essay writing service needs more than a pen and a paper to brainstorm. This iswhere tools both on mobile and desktop come in handy. 


Once you get used to the various brainstorming tools, you willgravitate towards them even when writing a topic that is not that complex or broad. 


These tools become your friends when an essay becomes a lengthyproject, assignment, or publication. It can also be of use to you when writingcollege essays, or any essay where you want to explore every nook and cranny ofa subject. 


Here are some of the tools--free of cost-- that are available forbrainstorming.     


Xmind is one of the best brainstorming tools when it comes to userexperience. Not only does X Mind have an attractive User Interface, that findsthe right balance between text and visuals. It allows you to make mind maps andlogic charts for your essays. For a lengthy project, you can also include aproject timeline, or you can also take help from write my essay services.

Its top feature is how its seamless combination of variousstructures and relations. With the free version, one can do a lot of thingsthat other tools lack.


Coggle is a simple yet powerful mapping tool. It has Realtimecollaboration, so if you are working on a group, everyone can pitch their ideasat a time. You can branch out from your main topic, adding ideas and furtherbranches as you go on. Each branch will be placed in an optimal spatialposition.  You can also start various branches on different topics orparts of it and join to create loops and process flows.

It is visually appealing and you can get most of your work donethrough the free version.


This is a free online tool that works the same way as bulletpoints. Using the tool is simple and fast: You enter the text to create a mapand use indented text to branch out of the main topic.  The change in thearrangement will be reflected live on the map while allowing you to drag thenodes to arrange the space as you like.


An opensource tool that gets the best out of a fusion of mindmapping and bulleting. A simple user interface that gets the job done through afew clicks and adding a ‘child’ and ‘parent’ nodes. Another attractive featureof this tool is its folding and unfolding feature that allows one to declutterthe space when working on specific parts of the map. It also allows fordifferent essay mind maps to be managed in the same space with its feature ofessay status telling you which essay is active, incomplete, or notstarted. 


It is one of many Google Chrome extensions that can be used toperform your essay brainstorming. It is simple to use and allows the user toinclude media in the maps, which makes it appealing. It has also the option tobe stored and retrieved from Cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


Mind42 is an online mind mapping tool that can be used forbrainstorming from your internet browser. It is neatly organized using onlyhorizontal and vertical lines, that can collapse and expand with just a click.It’s a great way to visualize the size of the subject. You can also share abrainstorming session with your peers through the website with the helpof essaywriter.


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